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Love Yourself, Know Yourself,
and you will Know and Love The Wisdom of universal knowledge that you are.

February 20, 2019

Rainbow Rainbow, oh how you shine,
Like crystal colors coming straight from divine.
With a touch from you, who can not be so grateful,
As you resemble a gift that’s faithful.
As I witness the beauty you share so elegantly,
My hope for love strengthens plentifully.
Appreciation for you lasts a lifetime,
Even though your light is seen only sometimes.
I believe in the colors of you
I believe, so you can believe too.
So be as you...

February 8, 2019

You are the tide that breathes my essence.
You wash over me in the moments I need cleansing.
Reminding me to come back to Purity.
You are there for me always, even when I cannot be there for myself.
I awaken to your touch, you tell me 
“The you that is, is me that is, and all that is, is still awake even when your asleep.”
So my dreams tell me a story to remember, so that I can reach deeper and deeper into how reality defines...

February 1, 2019

Misshaped opportunities occur when your alignment with your self is not centered. 
To confidently know the truth within, all must be seen, even the parts that you cant stand to look at.
Because all that you are is all that is, so witness the free spirit that soars through your being.
Your essence of Divine is calling you by the sound of what is yet to be heard.
Let all hear your voice, for it is what is missing.
Let your soul...

January 26, 2019

With an inhale of a deep breath, a little insect of a big world was crawling along a mystical path.
It was evening time and the insect wanted to climb up to the highest point it could find so that it could have a good view of the stars. It began to get hungry so it opened its mouth and ate the vines up the largest tree it could find.
It loved the vines so much that the little insect wanted to become one with the vines. As it c...

December 31, 2018

January, 01, 2019

New You, New Year
Alignment with Heaven and Earth
To start this new year, let us feel blessed and grateful for who we are and attune with the balance within us.
We are natural beings of perfect balance of Heaven and Earth.
Here is a FREE video meditation to follow along to enhance each part of your being to be in perfect alignment with Heaven and Earth.

You are here to accomplish what you were born to do.
Let n...

December 29, 2018

Reassurance can be asked,

it can be hinted,

but can you ever truly receive it from anyone but yourself?

Is it others who relieve you from feeling like you don’t fit in,

Or is it you who finally starts to believe you deserve it.

Its up to you to believe if its real or not,

make it real but confronting the experience that’s bringing up insecurities.

You can hide for only so long till you face the self that feels unworthy to show itself...

December 25, 2018

Love is all that we truly desire.
Being loved and loving others, in the atmosphere of joy and laughter, is the real spirit of Christmas.
Source will always be your true lover... Make it a goal to find the source in every moment this Christmas!
How do we do this?



Feel your heart beating...

Its beating because it wants to be alive!

Imagine your heart smiling with pure unconditional love for you and for everything...

December 1, 2018

Consistency is the foundation you count on.

Not to always be the same, but to simply be.

Be the contentment with all things and let no thing push you from your center.

Love all things, always, no matter what.

Rely on your spirit to guide you and nothing else.

We are all givers in nature, so find your gift so that you can forever give to yourself and others.

Tune in, Tune in, Attune Within!

This the answer, this is the truth.

Silence o...

November 24, 2018

Lost in the feelings that seem to hold me down.

When does truth come in and set me free?

Remembering the important memories that engrain my consciousness.

I miss each moment as it passes as if its never enough.

I hold the feelings that linger me until I learn from them.

Pain is now a friend that I say good morning to.

Sadness of the emptiness I cant seem to consistently fill.

I seem to have a need for what disappears so easily.

If I c...

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MY LIFE MESSAGE IS to show others that anything is possible if you know the true power of yourself.

THE PEOPLE I SERVE ARE all people that come my way, even if it's just a smile to a stranger.


I offer my services and guidance because I feel it's the most important thing I can do. When others achieve their fulfillment, it is the most beautiful expression in this whole world. I know how good it feels to be heard and understood, I want to give this gift to others. I do what I do because I believe that one day the whole world can be connected in a way where we help each other reach our dreams and become successful together.


I give guidance to all who need to feel accepted and understood so that they can grow to live their life to the fullest.

I am a care giver.

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